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Our Keynes design is a versatile, single-storey primary school. The main multipurpose hall opens onto a large, light and airy central learning zone with flexible teaching spaces. Keynes can also be easily expanded from 1 form entry to either 1.5 or 2 form entry at a later date.
Available In :
  • 1 Form Entry
  • 1 Form Entry & Nursery
  • 1.5 Form Entry
  • 2 Form Entry & Nursery
More About Keynes
With a two or three-storey option, the Dewey primary school has been intelligently designed to make the most of sites where space is at a premium. The internal layout is carefully considered to provide highly flexible teaching spaces and customisable layouts. Off-site manufacturing keeps local disruption to an absolute minimum.
Available In :
  • 2 Form Entry (2 Storey)
  • 2 FE & Nursery (2 Storey)
  • 3 Form Entry (3 Storey)
  • 3 FE & Nursery (3 Storey)
More About Dewey
With its beautiful arcing design and carefully considered layout, Paxton is both architecturally impressive and incredibly practical. The teaching areas benefit from natural ventilation and the central spaces are flooded with natural light, making this a low-energy, highly sustainable building. The positioning of the main hall and kitchen means you also have the option to hire them out for community use.
Available In :
  • 1.5 Form Entry
  • 2 Form Entry
More About Paxton
Connect brings you permanent new classrooms that deliver the high quality learning environments you are looking for. In tune with your needs, Connect’s design team has an unrelenting focus on teachers and pupils. As a result, each building is filled with natural light, has above average classroom sizes and can be personalised to make the space a joy for all to teach and learn in.
Available In :
  • One classroom to eight classroom extensions
More About Connect
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