Mosaic seeks to deliver the best of both worlds and is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I would have loved to get my hands on this approach when I was working within a local authority.

We are proud to announce the launch of Mosaic, a unique new approach to primary school builds or extensions. Using a portfolio of 77 components that have been carefully designed to link together in a variety of ways, schools can now benefit from the significant efficiencies associated with modular and offsite technology, but also easily work with challenging sites and the unique personalisation requirements of any school.

In partnership with the architecture and design practice Lungfish Architects, experts in the education sector, Mosaic has been designed to offer one, two and three form entry schools, two nursery options and a range of school extension options from one classroom up to eight. The technology also allows for entirely bespoke requirements to be catered for.

Fran Cox, Operations Director at Sunesis, said: “Having been a school commissioner myself, I appreciate all too well the trade-offs that you need to consider when looking to increase capacity. Each school has a unique personality that needs to be reflected, as it grows to meet demand. But will the available budget allow for this? Mosaic seeks to deliver the best of both worlds and is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I would have loved to get my hands on this approach when I was working within a local authority. The concept uses individual Lego-like components, including classrooms, halls, utilities and corridors that are manufactured offsite and then upon arrival, that connect together seamlessly across multiple storeys to create a variety of bespoke school environments. Larger school builds may require all 77 components, while a single classroom could be built using just three. The flexibility of the product means that all components work with each other in a variety of ways and can be adapted for a build in the most restrictive of locations.”

Fran Cox, continues: “Standardised, pre-designed schools are changing the UK’s education landscape for the better. These are quality buildings, helping local authorities, academy trusts, independent schools and private developers build the school environments they need amid shorter timescales and ever-tightening budgets. We also know that an additional 366,000 primary school places will be required by 2020 according to research commissioned by our partners Scape Group; Mosaic has been designed to address this challenge head on.”

Sunesis and Lungfish Architects spent a year working closely with head teachers and leading educationalists to learn more about what they and their pupils needed from their school, as well as creating detailed footfall models that gave them the intelligence to create the different components. As a result, Mosaic has been designed to ensure that every design element has the potential to positively impact the learning and teaching experience.

Simon Reid, **Managing Director **at Lungfish Architects, commented: “The team have done a fantastic job in taking modular and offsite technology to the next level. Mosaic is our most flexible, cost-effective and attractive approach to school design yet. Through an ongoing and rigorous research programme, our teams have systematically ensured that any issue that can be experienced in a school has been considered and resolved. We’ve spent over a year, engaging with schools, observing the children and staff, learning how they move within each space and then modelling that footfall to enable us to fully optimise each space to work as hard as it can, every single day, for the whole community.

Sunesis wanted us to help them design something that made the school build process faster and simpler to construct, whilst helping schools to operate efficiently and to see their personality shine through each new classroom they commission. We’ve looked at the issue holistically, from top to bottom. That means, operationally, we’ve made sure that the ever-present frustrations experienced in a school have been considered, such as providing sufficient storage. At the other end of the scale, we have ensured that each component and design is fully compliant with Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) standards, making the school build cost fundable through grant schemes.”

You can see our Mosaic launch video here

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