Award win for Sunesis

“Our designs are focused on creating truly outstanding learning environments which are light, airy, vibrant and above all inspire children at each of our schools.”

Tim Carey - product director

Last night we won in the Product Innovation category at the Offsite Construction Awards ceremony held at The NEC in Birmingham.

Tim Carey, product director, said: “Innovation is at the heart of Sunesis and our range of new school designs, so it’s particularly pleasing to be recognised with an award in this category.

“Our thinking is always geared towards finding solutions that meet the needs of our customers across both public and private sectors.

“With growing pupil populations across the country there is a very real, and often urgent, need for new schools which can be delivered quickly and cost-efficient.

“However, that is only part of the Sunesis story. Our designs are focused  on creating truly outstanding learning  environments which are light, airy,  vibrant and above all inspire children  at each of our schools - this is of the  utmost importance.

“Unlike bespoke school buildings where outcomes are often unknown and design decisions are made in situ, every Sunesis school offers certainty through tried and tested, consistent designs.”

The Offsite Construction Awards showcases innovation, celebrates best practice and recognises overall expertise in offsite construction.