Funding new classrooms in Cameroon

Following on from the recent opening of Bapes Mondial school, we are delighted to be helping another community by providing learning facilities that they urgently need. Through our School for a School programme, primary school GBPS Sodiko in Cameroon will shortly be benefitting from funding for three new classrooms, a school office and a new toilet facility.

The school is currently situated in a borrowed house without internal walls, so plywood is used to divide up the space into individual classrooms. Space is so limited at the house that the first-year children have their lessons on the veranda, open to the elements, as there are no available areas inside.

There are 225 children currently enrolled in this school and they have been managing like this since 2014. It is thought that, once the new classrooms are constructed, the number of children wanting to attend the school could go up to as many as 400, because many families are moving to the Sodiko area of Douala to escape the conflict in other parts of the country.

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