Bemrose Primary School

Everyone who comes to visit our school is impressed with the calm, light and spacious environment which has been created.

Philip Cullen, Derby City Council


New housing estates being built in the local area meant an increased demand for school places. Bemrose needed a new school building to accommodate more pupils that was functional and energy efficient.


Keynes 1.5fe primary school and nursery




Scape Major Works


37 weeks

Project facts


new school places created


saved in energy costs every year


overall customer satisfaction score

Confidence in the product

A Sunesis Keynes school was chosen for this project because the council was confident in the certainty of the product and price as well as being able to visit built examples of existing schools and visualise the finished product. Longevity of the school was incredibly important to the council and Sunesis’ 60 year lifespan was a key deciding factor for the client. Other essential factors were the efficiency and speed of construction, compared to traditional build schools.

Minimising impact on the existing school

With the new Sunesis primary school being built on the existing Bemrose School playing fields it was important the that learning wasn’t disrupted, and there was minimal impact on existing school games pitches.

Energy efficiency

A recent energy performance review of schools showed that schools could be saving an average of £165,000 over their lifespan on energy bills. Bemrose School has a series of high spec energy efficiency features – from light zoning operating on sensors throughout, with three skylights in each classroom and efficient underfloor heating linked to air source heat pumps.

There are also air regulating systems in all classrooms which maintain stable temperatures, as well as systems which maintain a balanced level of carbon dioxide. These design elements, along with solar panels, all contribute to incredibly low energy costs – as well as healthy learning environments.

Saving money long term

Thanks to the Sunesis design and energy saving features, Bemrose Primary School is set to save more than £3,300 in energy bills per year, over its 60 year lifespan.

Get set for growth

The new Keynes 1.5 FEN school has created an additional 300 places at the school. With expansion in mind, the design was created with room to grow and the school building is able to accommodate a future extension to become a 2 FEN school in the future.

A positive, close relationship

Philip Cullen, Derby City Council, said: “The electronic reporting system worked very well with regard to the reporting. Totally professional, their liaison with the school staff was exemplary. The handover was considered, orderly and inclusive and the result was a school built on programme and to a quality expected.”

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