Cranfield Church of England Academy

Everyone who comes to visit our school is impressed with the calm, light and spacious environment which has been created.

Councillor Sue Clark, Central Bedfordshire Council


A new housing development located near Cranfield Church of England Academy meant it was essential that capacity at the school was increased to meet the needs of the local community in time for the next school year.


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28 weeks

Project facts


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saved compared to traditional methods

Meeting demands of a new housing development

Cranfield Academy needed to expand to accommodate 150 more pupils due to a new housing development nearby.

Value for money

Central Bedfordshire Council was keen that the scheme provided outstanding value for money.

Making a difference

With the building of Cranfield CofE Academy, Sunesis made a commitment that would see a new school built in Africa. Cranfield CofE wanted its pupils to recognise the difference the building of their new school would make to children less fortunate than themselves.

A school across two sites

The new Sunesis building was opened on a new campus for the school.  This meant that the lower school could offer an additional 150 places, taking its capacity to 462 pupils across its two sites – Saint Peter’s and St Paul’s – in the village.  There is also capacity for nursery-aged children at the new campus.

Joanna Farbon, Headteacher at Cranfield CofE Academy, said: “We have been delighted with the support we have received for the opening of the new site and the fact it opened on time.  There are currently two classes here and children have taken to it like ducks to water.  They know exactly where to go for things and they love outdoor play.  They are ‘Cranfield’ already.  That was important for us because we didn’t want a gulf between the two sites.”

Commitment to tackle school place crisis

In common with local authority areas across the country, population growth meant that Central Bedfordshire Council faced a significant challenge to expand the number of school places available under its jurisdiction.

By choosing Sunesis, the council found a speedy solution to complete the new Cranfield CofE academy building and contribute to realising its commitment to provide 6,500 new school places across Central Bedfordshire.

Cost and time saved

Not only did Central Bedfordshire Council want an inspirational learning environment for the new school, it also wanted it to be cost-efficient and delivered quickly to meet the requirements of the growing local pupil population.

It took just 28 weeks on site to deliver the new modular school and the council has saved over £2million of public money when compared to traditional, bespoke solutions.

New school in Africa

To deliver the new school in Africa, Sunesis has been working with Building Schools for Africa, which sources funding for the schemes, and in turn works with SHUMAS (Strategic Humanitarian Services) which conducts full feasibility studies to ensure that those most in need benefit from new schools.

Sunesis supported events and activities held at Cranfield CofE Academy, including a special morning assembly where guests from SHUMAS and Building Schools for Africa spoke about how the new school is transforming the lives of children in an underprivileged area of Cameroon.

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